SCOTT D. ROSENBAUM – Writer/Director/Producer

Scott D. Rosenbaum is an independent writer/director/producer based in New York.

A Long Island native, Rosenbaum attended The George Washington University.  While at GW, Rosenbaum worked in the media and press offices both in The US Senate and The White House.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. 

After graduating, Rosenbaum engaged in several careers while writing screenplays and studying directing at various New York City Workshops. First, working in the financial industry and then in his family business developing childcare centers in and around the New York metropolitan area. Over that time, Rosenbaum had the good fortune to study under legendary Director Gene Frankel at his lower Manhattan Theater until Frankel’s death. He continued studying directing with former NYU Professor Adrienne Weiss who produced Rosenbaum’s first film, the short, “Coda.” Rosenbaum also studied directing under Lenore DeKoven of Columbia University Film School.

In 2002, Rosenbaum began the seven-year process, writing and developing the story and screenplay, which ultimately became his debut feature film, “The Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” During this time he started Red Hawk Films, which produced, “Coda” and “Perfect Age.” In 2007, Rosenbaum met Oscar winning director Spike Lee who, after reading the screenplay for “Perfect Age” and viewing his short film “Coda,” invited Rosenbaum to apprentice with him during the filming of his World War II epic, “Miracle at St. Anna.” This experience took him to Rome and Tuscany for three months, where “Miracle” was filmed on location. After returning to New York, Rosenbaum finalized rewrites on “Perfect Age” and went into pre-production for the film. “The Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll” stars Kevin Zegers, Jason Ritter, Taryn Manning and the iconic Peter Fonda.